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Sobriety Checkpoints in Texas.

Texas may soon be joining the other 40 states to do allowing  sobriety check points  under certain conditions. Opponents are gearing up for a fight after the Texas state senate pass a bill allowing checkpoints under certain conditions, We are concerned the bill seems to have traction there in Texas”. Said Sarah Longwell, managing director  the ” Washington-based American Beverage Institute”,  She says she intends to travel to Austin to testify when the bill is passed this Monday and Tuesday by the senate is heard in the house. I my self intend to travel there as well along with many other concerned. Some citizens argue that the bill is intended to go after casual drinkers rather then target dingy drinkers that causes fatal accidents. I argue that it’s not only sting to go after casual drinker it’s also is violates our rights not only that could cause many other problems as well, People have daily things to do in there life rather it be work, family,etc for example some works grave yard shift and so happen to be a check point during his route he stops is detained and ends up late for work in result he/she loses their job, what then ? Previous efforts to allow drunk-driving check-points have failed but some supports say the mood is decidedly different this year.

” I think they realize how many lives will be saved. We’re talking about 300 lives a year in Texas,” said Mary Kardell of Irving- based Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D) Kardell is the executive director of MADD’s North Texas affiliate.

The bill that passed the senate, Bill (SB 298) by Sen. John Carona, R-Dallas, would allow only certain agencies to operate checkpoints. Among them:

  • The Texas Department of  Public Safety.
  • Municipal police in cities with populations of 500,000 or more( That’s 45% of Texas Cities that have that kind of population).
  • Sheriff’s departments in counties with populations of 250,000 or more.(That’s 24% of Texas counties.)

(You do the math.)

If the bill becomes law states could begin operating roadblocks Sept, 1st — or immediately if  two-thirds of law-makers approve it.

Arlington mayor Robert Cluck he also intend to travel to Austin to testify as well he said that Arlington’s population is under 500,000 and smaller cities should be able to conduct checkpoints as well.

But America Beverage Institute argues that steeped-up DWI patrols are most likely more effective then checkpoints which tie-up law-abiding citizens.

And she said , New Technologies such as an  iphone’s application known as “Trapster” allows user to warn others about roadblocks locations, “You get the bad guys going around them and the good getting caught in the middle of them.

Now folks I don’t know about you but the more I look into to things the more my eyes become open and more more I get ready for things to come can not say that I am fully knowledge in what is going on and politics but I’m learning and with this new learning I’m beginning to think more clearly I never saw my self running around to these meeting and talking to certain people I meet new and interesting people who have many opinions and wonderful ideas I’m beginning to get more involved with all the news and it’s deceptions. I will be posting the Bill (SB 298) please take the time to read it go over it get prepared there are certain things you must know what to say when facing these so call Sobriety Check-points also take a look at the page Check points in America there are two videos with Alex Jones a radio talk host. He is going through the check points and also asking questions to the police officers and they cant answer anything at all.. again I thank you for your time and if there is anything you’d like me to research and  hey I can even ask question please feel free to post a comment with you concerns or any question you may have take care all

Shane Freedom



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