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It’s been along time my friends….

Posted in Uncategorized by freedom911 on March 31, 2009

Hello all,
Its been a long time since I have update this web page and for that I’m sorry.. I had to do sometime thinking and watching this world tear it self apart the year is now 2009 and new things have arose, We have a new president who made history mind you and promised America change and I’m hoping that change is what happens all we can do now is sit back a watch and see if America’s Choice was the right one… on the other things it has been a little over seven years since 9/11 and we still are in Iraq FOR WHAT! I mean seven years of fighting and now they say they are going to now pull troops out by 2010 that would mean that it took eight years to end a war not even a war it’s more like a game of risk witch country and claim the most land…. I really don;t see any reason why we should continue to waste time and money when it should not be wasted any more we need to pull out I mean dont get me wrong I love y country to the death i would do anything for her and it’s people I just want answer and i want the truth who wouldn’t I think that the government should open up with America and things would mostly likely get better we all know that the government has it classified stuff shoot who doesn’t no person is perfect no person is better then one another everyone is the same in my book as well as the good lords well I just wanted to say that I’m back in search for the truth and I will keep you posted take care America and prey for those who fight for our freedom…..

Shane Freedom


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  1. matt said,

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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