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Why Are We Blind ?????

Posted in Uncategorized by freedom911 on April 12, 2008

April 10th 2008,

Why are we blind? Why do we the people Still keep our eyes closed to the Lifefacts on what is going on now of days I Still don’t understand why I see so many people blind to the world we are being  tricked to believe what ever the goverment wants us to believe I’m not saying that all goverment workers are bad but growing up I was tought that the goverment is here to sever the people and only the people but the more I look the more i realize that they no longer work for us… Now they want to rip the consitution and basically throw it out the window….  Our Four fathers did not intend for it to be with this way… Now  they say that it’s not allowed to protest the war or even speak about the consitution we are labled as home grown crimials and that force must be set down, Can you tell me what (Force) means to you ?  Now the other day I was talking to a man whom I have alot of respect for this man opened my eyes to what’s going on in this world today and I thank you, but  during our converstation he made me realize that we have had 24 years of the bush/clinton in office and if Hilary Clinton where to be elected for two trems that would bring the total of 32  years of these two familys in office ???? Strange Right  Now i dont know how much everyone knows there history but if you can try to recall this ” If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”President Madison Our 4th President….. Said that! ( Whom Now Is Our foreign enemy that is causing us to lose our liberties that the goverment can’t even show us  )Please I ask the people do the research take the time ask question WE MUST OPEN OUR EYES!!!!!!!!!

P.S Please take the tme to read (hr 1955) This i a bill number, it is called a house resolution bill it is called (” The Violent radicalisation Home Grown Terrisiom Act..

Pay special attn to the force or vilonce cause in the definition of home grown terrorist.

If force and vilonce are sepertated by the word or then it is intended  the difinition of violence has a diffrent meaning then force….. So now we trun to the dictionary to find the truth……



Freedom 911


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