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Are We Alone?

Posted in Truth by freedom911 on February 1, 2008

Feb 1, 2008
I hear a lot of people ask if we are alone in this cause? Well the answer to that is no I think there many people out there that know the truth. You see the problem is getting people to put their foot down and say we’ve had enough. Today hundreds of people are gathering protesting demanding answers for 9/11, are we getting any? No. The government Dose not want to tell us the truth. Why? Why do they keep ignoring us? The other day I hear that we have found more bodies at ground zero. Now why is that not a crime scene? Weather or not an in-side job or act of a terrorist that should still be a crime scene.. But no the government decides to just tear everything out and build over it, now I ask do you think that should be a crime scene?


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  1. Darcie said,

    I have to agree with you it should definetly be a crime sceene, you know that if it was anywhere else or with at any u.s citizens house or any where else for that matter it would have been a crime sceene. It just makes you think that if the government doesnt want to make that a crime sceene it just goes to show there trying to keep something quit. Witch goes to show that they are hiding something about 9-11. So I would have to ask the same question what really happened on 9-11, who was really behind the tragedy.?

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